Medicare Insurance through the years with Randy Byrd.

Hello. My name is Randy Byrd. I’ve been in the Medicare business since 1983. It’s a long time ago, but it’s allowed me to learn much about what I describe as Medicare. Medicare has very stringent rules. It goes by hand. But there are several situations where if you’re set up this one way, there’s an exception to those hard-set rules.  I am trying to help people understand how Medicare works, what Medicare does, what you can expect from them and Medicare. One thing I enjoyed about working with them is, like I say, it’s pretty, pretty hard, said. So if your insurance is set up right, you don’t have to understand a lot about what’s going on. You know, the bottom line is this if you bought a policy today, if you just got on Medicare today, and you buy our policy today to go with your Medicare, the best policy that you can buy is called a plan. 

Now, there’s other policies that you can buy that have deductibles and co-pays and stuff like that. But the thing I like about the plan is in 2022, the part being Medicare deductible is $233. Once you make that $233 deductible for the rest of the year, you have 100% coverage. Whether you go to a doctor’s office, a cleaning, an emergency room, or if you’re in the hospital, you spend your $233 for the rest of the year.

Medicare pays what they’re going to pay. Your plan, G pays what you owe. And that’s it. You don’t know anything.