Randy Byrd Makes A Difference, Just Ask Randy Byrd

I had a client call me and ask about a prescription she is using. Breztri aerosphere. The retail price on this drug on her drug plan is $632.23 monthly. It is the only drug on her drug plan that requires she pay the $480 deductible. She paid something over $500 for this prescription in January. After the deductible is paid the cost is $101.16 monthly for the rest of the year.

When she called a couple days ago I decided to research the drug to see if there was a patient assistance program and if there was would she qualify for any help with the extreme cost of her co-pay.

It took me several minutes once I found a number to call just to get through the switch board on their automated phone system.
Finally I found and got connected to the patient Helpline but had to wait over 25 minutes before a person actually answered the phone. Once the lady answered the phone I asked a few questions that often disqualify people from programs like this. After I determined that my client might just qualify for this program the lady allowed me to get my client on a 3-way call.
Long story short? She qualified on the spot!!

I had muted my phone and laid the phone down with the speaker phone on so they could talk and go through their process. I was several feet away doing something else when I heard her say “Ma’am you do qualify for help on this program.” I JUMPED up and ran to the phone where I waited while they finished. As soon as the lady who took her information over the phone hung up, I grabbed my phone and my client and I had a good little time there for a while patting ourselves on the back about what was a wonderful treat for her!

It’s so good when I can help make a difference like this!