How to avoid the penalties in Medicare.

Hey, I’m Randy Byrd. When tired from the business. In June 2001, I was selling Medicare supplement health insurance and life insurance. Now I still sell a little bit of life insurance, dental, and vision plans. I sell life insurance but primarily I sell Medicare supplements and drug plans. 

There was somebody who had cancer and could not buy insurance; even though, he had been free of cancer for 5 years. He also had surgery 5 years after his cancer. 

Now, there are plans like Medicare Part C referred to as Medicare Advantage. You see on these commercials that are extremely aggravating. They get on there and keep telling everyone that everything is free.

That is not the whole truth. There are copays you have to pay. Too many agents don’t tell people about those copays. People watch those commercials. They ask an agent and the agent or advisor writes the policy up. They think they are never going to pay anything out of pocket. But when they wind up going to the hospital they find out that there are copays that they have to pay. I tell people the truth and help them understand deductibles.