The ands, ifs, and buts in Medicare.

I have been in the mediate but since 1983, long time I know but it has allowed me to learn a lot about what I describe as the if, ands, and buts, of Medicare. There are areas if you are set up this way then it works this way then there is an exception to the hard set rules. I try to explain to people how to understand the rules. The rules are hard set. If your insurance is set up right you do not need to understand much about Medicare. Suppose you bought a policy today to go with your Medicare. The best policy you can buy is plan G. The part I like about plan G in 2022. The Part B deductible is $233.00. Once you meet that $233.00 deductible for the rest of the year, you have 100% coverage. Whether you go to a doctor’s office, clinic, emergency room or hospital. 

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